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Friday, 16 November 2012
In human life the value of education is quite high, it shape the human life well. Education turns the uncivilized person to a civilized person, it gives a way to think and understand well the life. It provides efficiency to face the problems of life in a systematic way, it develops sense. Every educated parents understand this thing, that's why they send their child to school. In schools the child learn each and everything, the child not only get the education there but learn the moral values also. It also develops the social sense in a child, when the child lives in between of many children who are of different religion, different language, different tradition and of different culture. It clarifies the definition of life, at this stage the mind of child is in the position of development and that is the best stage of learning in human life. In school the child learns to read and write. As the child grows up he goes to the next class and according to this his/her level also goes to the upward direction. The ability to think and understand also grows into the body of the child. The role of teacher is also very important in schools, they are the career builder of the child. They pare the character of the child, they knows the nature of the child very well and they are well-familiar with each virtue of the child, that's why they have the power and know the correct way to mold the career of the child. Not only study, all other activities like sports of school and extra curricular activities like dance drama, songs, plays, poetry etc develops the interest of child and develops the hobby of the child and in future they get able to choose their career in different fields. School develops the courtesy and discipline virtue in child like to get up in the early morning on time, taking bath daily, to wear well ironed uniform with polished shoes, to involve in the assembly prayer, to learn everyday in class and complete regularly the assigned homework. To complete the homework by own or with the help of parents and relatives and to complete it on time generates the responsibility feature and awakens confidence in the mind of child. The class tests and exams develops the enthusiasm of involving in the competition and to try rank well in the competition. So schools plays an important role for the progress of humanity and that is the reason why parents always in the search for best schools because they want that atleast the initial education of their child should be best. For this cause parents started to search the list of best schools. And at this point we plays an importantwe role to help the parents to get information about the best schools. Our consultancy is based on delhi, in our consultancy we give the information to parents about the list of best schools in delhi. Not only this we give the best advise regarding school admission in delhi, the admission criteria in the schools of delhi, school admission form and application for school admission etc. We want your child to get enrolled in one of the topest schools in delhi. Our job is to remove tention from the mind of parents and suggest them the best option with simple procedure of admission. If the education on initial level is best then the whole future will be bright and the chance of getting admission in best colleges will also increase. by Sumit Sehgal


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