My Search For The Best Driving School In Surrey

Thursday, 17 January 2013
Well, I must say, finding my driving school in Surrey was a delightful yet trying experience. I had already understood and accepted the fact that this one decision was going to have a huge bearing on my chances of clearing the driver's permit exam; therefore I was pretty much prepared to put in a lot of work. But trust me, all the efforts were worth it once I found what I was looking for. Although word of mouth is the one of the best ways to find the right school for you, but in a case such as mine, this method was really not going to work. You see, I had only recently shifted to the area which meant that I didn't know too many people who could have helped me in my endeavor to find the right driving instructor in Surrey. After a few futile attempts of looking up options in the yellow pages, I decided it is time to take the help of my best friend who had always helped when I could see nothing but darkness. Now you might be wondering that where did the best friend come from! Didn't I just I say I did not know many people in the city! Well, I was talking about the internet, my friend and guide whose amazing power had always come to my aid in my times of need. I was no more alone in my research. I got through various schools which offered many different study plans. The USP of few were the driving instructors they offered while others spoke about the test I was supposed to take after finishing my driving lessons. More than anything else I began enjoying the process of finding my driving instructor in Surrey. I learnt about a lot of things which I might have ignored otherwise, like the accreditation of the driving school given by the government or the gradation of the instructors. I came up with a checklist of all the necessary criteria and kept filtering my choices. I didn't want to travel too far for my lessons so I chose to look for a school which was in the vicinity of my home. By now I had realized one thing - extensive research and tough questions were the key to selecting the right school. I went to the websites of each and every shortlisted driving school in Surrey and went through the testimonials of the people who had learnt driving there already. Once I was through with my more than basic research, sitting at home that was made possible because of the internet, I decided it was time to pay a visit to my shortlisted driving schools in Surrey. And it was here that I learnt the most important aspect - the school which is ready to answer your entire set of questions without a hitch is the best one. And that is how I finally found the best driving schools in Surrey for me, who not only taught me how to drive but also helped in clearing the driving license test! by Affinitydrivings


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