What To Look For In A Driving Instructor In Surrey

Thursday, 10 January 2013
Are you planning to take up driving lessons? But with the many driving instructors out there, how would you know which one is the right choice for you. Getting your hands on the right driving instructor is half the battle already won. I am saying so because if you know what to look for in the driving instructors in Surrey you will be able to avoid many headaches and problems that might arise while you take lessons. You need to be sure that the instructor you choose is worth the money you are spending to learn how to drive. Most driving schools in Surrey give you the option to choose an instructor as per your comfort and convenience. As far as qualifications are concerned, the color of the badges affixed on the windscreen of the car will tell you whether the driving instructor is still a trainee. A green badge means he is a qualified instructor of DSA whereas a pink badge means he is still a trainee. Most people are not aware of these gradations and classifications and often end up making the wrong choice. Next you need to understand whether you will be able to gel up with the person teaching you. Not only will you have to consider the qualifications of the instructor but also the behavioral aspect. The first thing you need to be sure of is that the guy you pick is adaptable, meaning he knows that reactions to situations and learning capabilities differ from person to person. He must be mature and experienced enough to be able to recognize the needs of an individual and easily anticipate how you would react to different circumstances. People say patience is a key to success. This principle aptly applies to this scenario as more than being a patient learner, you need to look for a driving instructor, Surrey who has ample amount of patience. If you are a slow learner and are not able to get things right at the first go, the case should not arise that your instructor loses his cool and ends up yelling at you. Only a patient teacher can manage and understand your mistakes and encourage and motivate you to do better. Another important aspect to look for when sifting through the many driving instructors in Surrey is the amount of time they are ready to invest in your learning. A dedicated teacher will make sure you get the hang of every aspect of driving before declaring you fit to take the driving test. He should take the time out to clear all your doubts and help you work on your mistakes. The more committed he is towards his job, the better it will be for you as a student. Just have patience and keep searching through the many driving instructors in Surrey. You will definitely find the one that is perfectly suitable to your needs. And once you do find the best teacher, nothing will be able to stop you from clearing that dreaded driver's permit test in the first go! by Affinitydrivings


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