Business Schools in Paris

Sunday, 24 February 2013
Paris is more than just a romantic getaway, or home to a revered cuisine and fashionable culture. It is also a significant financial center in the continent of Europe. With a number of influential and successful finance houses all through the country, it is almost a wonder that its capital isn̢۪t recognized for this aspect of its economy. Living under the shadow of the business capital in London or Berlin, Paris is also a considerable giant that is slowly being tapped into economically, for its diplomatic and geographical links to a number of global giants in the world of finance. The QS Global 200 Top Business School Report holds considerable authority over the matter of the best business schools and it is entrusted with the formidable job of finding the best institutes. In its repertoire of the top 15 in the region of Europe, 2 of them come from the Parisian neighborhood. The MBA programs that are present across the different parts of Paris and even in the outskirts all come under the purview. Due to the strict importance placed on better quality, most of them can claim credit of being one of the better business schools in the world. With a number of schools that offer financial aid and a number of scholarships for the community of international students, Paris is quickly growing into a region that is synonymous with business school practices that are superior and more credible. The ESSEC business school and the HEC Paris are the best known of all the Business schools in Paris and they follow a visionary standard of providing the best curriculum. They also provide a number of platforms for its students to develop their capabilities either as entrepreneurs or as financial analysts. Students are seeking out the full time MBA courses or finding enough stimuli to enroll in the part time course that are available in a number of colleges. Paris easily provides a number of business school options for students in Europe or around the world. There is also the case of employment opportunities and how these MBA institutes often drag a number of students promising the best placements that sometimes strike out prematurely. These practices are completely insensitive to a bright student, one who might have had to take a combination of loans to pay their tuition fees, house rent and the like. This is an important consideration to keep in mind while choosing a school to attend. The MBA employers and recruiters are predicting better employment opportunities for graduates everywhere with a visible increase of over 11 percent in MBA hiring by the end of 2011. This translates into good salaries that make MBA graduates of Paris the top earners in Europe. This leads to an increased argument to go to the city and study finance in one of the many hallowed Business School of Paris while finding inspiration in the city itself. It doesn't hurt that Paris is a lovely city with an impressive list of things to do for recreation for potential students planning to study there. by Sania Gomes


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