Dancing…Classes in Essex

Sunday, 3 March 2013
Dancing is a very interesting form of expressing yourself and an ingenious and also pleasant way of relaxing and working up your body. Dancing represents more than simple movement, it involves feelings, certain moods that are to be conveyed to the audience. It is very easy to learn how to dance if you are willing to sign up to an amazing Essex dance school that holds the best of the best Dance classes in Essex. To dance means to express your feelings and thoughts through rhythmic movement which creates joy, pleasure and can also bring admiration. If you or your children want to get to know how to correctly perform some steps, then visit dreamstheatreschool.co.uk, a website that belongs to Dreams Theatre School, a school which is established with a sole purpose: educating children of all ages to dance, be part of a musical, concert or drama play, while bonding with others in a very pleasant, healthy and interesting environment. Being set up in January, in the year of 2004, Dreams Theatre School is comprised of several schools of dance in different areas, such as Romford, Essex, Chelmsford and Brentwood/Shenfield. Since millions of children dream to be part of a musical or school play, thus becoming famous and appreciated not just by their parents or family, but by every single person in the audience, this amazing Essex dance school is committed to help anyone interested to learn how to dance, sing and act in a very short period of time. The people who established the school knew very well that singing and dancing are very appealing to children and their parents. What is more, there is an increasing number of movies, TV shows and even cartoons that convey the message that being on stage is important and quite unique. If you like the idea of signing your kid to Dance classes in Essex and want to find out more about the schedule, lessons or dance teachers, then go to dreamstheatreschool.co.uk and explore the website to get as much information as possible. Your child will be able to learn the latest street dance moves that work perfectly well with the latest pop music and to sing and act during the very well organized Essex dance school classes, which are divided in three categories, for different age groups. For instance, there is the Primary Essex dance school group, consisting of children from five to eight years old, the Intermediate one( nine to eleven years old) and the Senior one( twelve to sixteen years old) Note that the first lesson is always free of charge. Furthermore, the lessons are scheduled as follows: on Tuesday, starting from 4.30pm to 7pm, to be held in Great Baddow, on Wednesday, from 4.30pm to 7pm, to be held in Brentwood and on Thursday, starting from 5pm to 7.15pm, to be held in Gidea Park. by Johnybfre


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