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Sunday, 17 March 2013
Wonder kidz is an organization which is the field of education since 1999.We have made it a point to dedicate Play Schools ourselves to the task of transmuting children into their full potential of "Wonder Child" through our revolutionary train-ing system. Wonder education is the first concept in India to provide International Standard of Quality Education is very economical budget. You are most welcome, therefore, to join us in any capacity that suit's you, and gro not only in finances, but we a part of modern revolutions of overall development, a revolution that has the. Wonder kidz - An International pre-school based on innovative ideas by Limca & Guinness 'world record holders. The Concept School Is a school which provides structural learning programme based on child's individual needs through age appropriate learning activities.It is a school where every wonder kid experiences the love and worth of well - trained teacher who firmly believe that every child is special. We offer your child a completely safe and secure environment - an environment that promotes independent and meaningful play, social interaction and more importantly a love for learning. We believe, children's learning occurs and is enhanced through their interactions with people, time, space and playschool india resources, and how they learn best is through play, which is children's 'work'. Play is a natural, self motivated and highly complex activity that children enjoy and when they are having fun doing and experiencing, these learning experiences become more meaningful to them and their peers.OVER VIEWAt wonder kidz, the child benefits from a learning environment that promotes the continuous development of their social, cognitive, emotional, physical and creative strengths. Children are offered a range of opportunities to explore values, broaden communication skills, collaborate, make personal choices, group problem solve, develop ideas and explore information.ACADEMICSCONDUCIVE Learning EnvironmentWe offer a supportive preschool learning environment that promotes the development of critical thinking skills, fosters awareness of diversity and multiculturalism, and supports learning. Such an environment is created through interactions with the indoor and outdoor physical environment, instructional materials, furnishings, and daily routines, as well as through a range of interpersonal relationships (adults with children, adults with adults, and children with children). It is within this supportive environment that each child's optimal development takes place. The child's development in each domain The child's development in each domain (e.g., language, social, physical, cognitive, and social-emotional) is supported, sustained, extended, and enhanced primarily through activities that promote purposeful play within this environment. by Jmthomas666


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